Monday, December 4

Laugh like others can’t see you

Laugh Like Others Can’t See You!

Yes, you read it right! Have you ever laughed so hard, you never realized anything else that’s going on around you? You have, haven’t you? If you have or haven’t, hear me out!

This is not my normal laugh & yes, I know I am weird looking here! Credits: Someone from my team!

There are so many of us, fighting different battles everyday. With so much of changes happening around us, its difficult to cope up with the inevitability. But the easiest thing you can do is, yes you guessed it right, LAUGH!

Hang around with people who gives you energy, not drain your energy! Its all about energy, when it comes to being happy! Based on my personal experience, there were few years in my life when I was utterly confused, out of focus & unhappy. Maybe you’re going through that phase right now!

If you are, you need to change your attitude, your inner circle or even your relationship. I had problems with all these 3 in my past, and trust me, I am so glad I changed all of that. Because I am content, with everything that’s happening around!

So just a small piece of advice: don’t try to meddle with forces you can’t control & meddle with forces you can control (From Sheldon Cooper’s vocabulary)

Be content even with the smallest thing that gives you a smile.

Let go of that bad relationship you’re having, because you will get a better one!

Let go of that guy/girl who drains all your energy when you meet him/her, find the one who gives you energy!

Change that attitude that’s almost killing you!

Laughter is the best medicine, trust me, I know!


PS: if you need someone to talk to, because I know you are going through something hard, DM me on my socials!


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