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Letting go of the past for something amazing

Letting go of the past for something amazing!

Flowers & The Church

We all have a past that we carry with us. Memories, experiences, and relationships – all shape who we are today. But sometimes, our past can also hold us back. We get stuck in regrets, resentments, and what-ifs. We ruminate on past mistakes and missed opportunities, and we struggle to move forward.

I recently walked a few blocks away from my house and noticed something so beautiful, near a Church which was centuries old. The Church had its own picture that will let you gaze at it for hours, but what got my attention along with so many people walking by, is the tree of cherry blossoms.

As I’ve heard the Church was a place where most people come and sit for hours thinking about their lives, but the day I went by, it was filled with people enjoying the Cherry Blossom Tree.

There definitely is a deeper meaning story to unroll behind it, so here it is;

Cherry Blossom Tree infront of a Church in Kitchener Ontario Canada

The Story of the Cherry Blossom Tree

With everything that’s happening around us, we forget the most amazing things either small or big. We have enough and more space for big things that carry us down, but the most amazing thing which could be something so small, is nowhere near our mind.

I left Sri Lanka, a couple of weeks ago, perhaps the hardest thing I did in my life. My life was perfect, had a good job, had enough savings to travel the world, eat foods I love, make new experiences, and above all, I was happy!

But I wanted to be stable and not worry about what will happen in 10 or 20 years. Trust me, I am content, it’s just I took a decision thinking far ahead in life like I always do.

To be honest, it’s only a few weeks since I left Sri Lanka and I regretted it every single day. For the first few weeks (oh who am I kidding, a few seconds after the flight took off from Colombo Airport) my regret overcame everything.

But it was a change I was dreaming of for almost 8 years & I know the trouble I went through to get here. I started focusing on the biggest regret of my life, forgetting the goal I had since 2016.


Focus on the small things!

Sometimes life has its funny way of teaching you that everything doesn’t work for you. It’s good that it didn’t, but you need to keep on taking steps forward because, like the Cherry Blossom tree in front of the Church,  you either can enjoy the moment and not worry about anything or focus on all your past and regrets you’ve made in life and miss the sight.



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