Saturday, March 2

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“When Should I Quit?”

“When Should I Quit?”

Is Quitting a failure in 2022? Well, let me get straight to the point! That depends if you are planning to quit on what drains the most of your energy or if you are planning to quit your life! (If you are selecting the second option, please feel free to contact me right away! I am just a call away...) There will be so many life gurus and people giving you life advice on what success is and for you not to give-up on life and not quit, but that's not true. For some people success is career growth & for others it could be just going to a café and drinking their favorite coffee while reading a book. It all depends on you! A few moments when I gave it up! Let me share a few experiences so you get an idea what I am talking about. Right after I finished my high school, my paren...
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