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“Travel” “Beach” “Country” & Me

“Travel” “Beach” “Country” & Me

A new place to Travel or a new Beach or a new Country, three words every teen (unfortunately I am not anymore) embrace in their youth. Since lately its not only teens who wants to travel, but everyone else as well.

With everything we went through with the pandemic & post-pandemic stress control pills we had to take with inflation & getting back to our old lives, travel is our ultimate go to stress relief, if not prove me wrong!

So I decided to moment my memories (in case I lose them) by starting my own travel blog – Two Way Ticket.Com 

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Even though I am old enough to drive, I hate driving stick or even automatic with the stress I have in my mind. So I let my father drive stick where ever we go to. (That’s him & my mom in the front seat)

My first blog was covering all places to travel in Galle, Sri Lanka. You can read all about it in here

It was fun capturing all those moments, but what was more fun was to write about them, which refreshes my memories. I even wrote in a few hotels I stayed in Galle

We then had to move to Nuwara Eliya as the colonial city in Galle was a place we went a few times & we had to let it go. So I wrote about The Grand Hotel in Nuwara Eliya and it was an amazing experience!

As I said in my previous article ‘Laugh like others cant see you’

if you’re going through a lot or if the stress is drowsing you to a tunnel without the light, you can just escape by taking a few steps out of your door to a new place you’ve never been to.

Travelling is not for you to just travel to a new beach, country/city, it can be also to a place you’ve not been to before. If you like a coffee place you always wanted to go, well, that’s your new travel plan in the making.

Life is all about making new experiences & surviving the day by taking steps forward. So make every new step a memory!



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