Monday, December 4

“When Should I Quit?”

Is Quitting a failure in 2022?

Well, let me get straight to the point! That depends if you are planning to quit on what drains the most of your energy or if you are planning to quit your life! (If you are selecting the second option, please feel free to contact me right away! I am just a call away…)

There will be so many life gurus and people giving you life advice on what success is and for you not to give-up on life and not quit, but that’s not true. For some people success is career growth & for others it could be just going to a café and drinking their favorite coffee while reading a book. It all depends on you!

A few moments when I gave it up!
Let me share a few experiences so you get an idea what I am talking about.

  • Right after I finished my high school, my parents wanted me to do my higher studies in Accounting (Side Story: that’s because both my parents are accountants and that’s one subject they can teach me!) Well, I wasn’t that great in that subject. But I didn’t have a choice and I started doing Accounting. I was so bad at it, I failed the module Taxation 4 times, Performance Management module 6 times & Financial Reporting module 4 times, whilst my younger brother finished all the modules in one go! So, I thought about myself and what I am good at, and one day I had a chat with my parents and said, “I’m sorry, but accounting is not my thing!, I am a guy who understand how to maximize profits and a guy who loves strategies and executing them”. And I took the leap and started doing management and marketing. I was so good at it, I finished all modules in one go and was also the best in my class (morale of the story: when you’re confused and you want to give it all up, confront yourself and figure out what you want to do. It doesn’t matter if you are the most successful person in the world but you aren’t happy with what you’re doing!, SO CONFRONT YOURSELF to figure out if you really need it to survive!)
  • I’ve had so many heartbreaks (well who haven’t?) with friends and obviously with my previous relationships and it really took away all my energy, time and most importantly my happiness. People say, when you love someone & if it doesn’t work, you should just hangover to that person & that person will come back? Well I say you should not! You are not a tree, you can move on!! Let me tell you a small story: You’re walking somewhere and you need to cross a river. You see a boat & you use that boat to cross the river. Once you’re on the other side of the river, will you carry the boat across land? will you think there is another river up ahead and carry it all the way until you find another river? Isn’t that taking away your energy & isn’t that stressful enough? (morale of the story: If its taking too much of your energy, time, money & happiness, you should leave it!)
  • Should I quit my job? – that’s a very interesting question which I will answer with three different questions
    • Are you waiting till its FRIDAY or are you excited to go to work on Monday?: If you are drained on a Monday morning to work, you are definitely doing something you hate.
    • Is your boss an energy giver or energy taker: if your boss is an energy taker, someone who you hate to be around or if you aren’t happy enough to even say “hi” to, he/she is an energy taker. Energy giver is someone who will listen to what you have to say, always encourage you to move forward, share his/her ideas so you can learn a thing or two, make sure you go up the corporate ladder & someone who knows what’s going on with your life. If he/she is an energy taker, LEAVE immediately! It doesn’t matter if you work at Google if your boss is Adolf Hitler (or someone who you really hate). Mental health is more valuable than monetary benefits! You can replace money, but not your life! A good Vlogger that I would recommend to follow is Jay Shetty as he has helped me a lot in gaining so much of positive energy when I needed it! (Check out Jay Shetty’s YouTube Blog here)
    • Are you Learning or Earning? : This is pretty much straight-forward. If you haven’t learnt or earned what you’ve imagine your job will make you feel, honestly it’s time to take a career call. If you haven’t learned anything new in the last 6 months or if you haven’t realized that you are getting career value from the place you currently work, here is your call! This also applies if you are working and getting underpaid. We all work to get bread and butter on our table and to fulfill out needs/wants yes? So if you don’t get either earning or learning, that’s your career call! 

If letting go of something is difficult for you and you’re still holding on to that one thing that’s killing you, read this article that I’ve written on “the art of letting go” 

Remember quitting is always not a bad thing. We aren’t living in 1980’s anymore where we are stuck with one choice and really be stuck with it. We have so much of opportunities, experiences and decisions to make and if you’re stuck with just bad choice you’ve made or an energy draining experience, its high time you take that call, and move on!




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