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Working with the Chinese

It’s not accidental that everything you ever come across, is made in “China”. There is a reason, why despite any unexpected chaos in the world, China tend to develop while others are stagnant. I had a bit of twisted luck, to work in a Chinese tech company, to learn why they excel and others don’t!

Here are the 6 reasons why! (The 7th reason, which the Chinese gentleman aren’t involved at all, is the scenery from my seat, which gives me a birds-eye view of Colombo). 


1. Nap is important!

Irrespective of what country or culture they are tangled with, napping is important!. The reason behind this, based on traditional Chinese medication is to keep the harmony within your body & they believe well rested people are productive people. The usual naps are from 30-45 minutes and they usually nap 15 minutes after having lunch. I had the courtesy to try it & trust me, you become a workaholic! 

2. Reset at 12AM

No matter how hard your task is, they will finish it before reaching 12AM. To get a task done, they will try many options & it doesn’t matter if you are a local agency, if they ring you at 9PM to get something done, it should be done!

Designations mean nothing to them & that is another reason why they like everyone seated in one floor! Chinese employees are very aggressive & very straight forward in getting their work done.  No matter how aggressive they are, after the clock hits 12.01AM, they reset back to their non-aggressive state!

3. Keep Learning. Improving never ends

Other cultures, specially Sri Lankans tend to be satisfied once the job is complete. Isn’t it a relief to complete something that you are killing yourself with? Well, it doesn’t work with these type of people that contribute to nearly 18% of total world population. 

They want to keep improving whatever they are doing, even if the project is complete. They always tend to ‘Learn’ an efficient way or a cost effective way. This actually make sense, since a smart employee will make the company efficient!

Change is the only constant!

4. It doesn’t matter if you wear flip flops or you come barefoot, as long as you get the job done!

Well, this is something that should be practiced by all companies! I usually wear a denim (jean) with a T-shirt accompanied with a pair of shoes. Keeping all styles a side, its very comfy & it made me feel like I am working from home (in office!). They believe what you wear doesn’t matter, as long as you are more productive than you were yesterday. Doesn’t it make sense?

5. Always delegate!

They believe in the concept of delegation, where you don’t have to do everything! This is smart actually when things are not going according to the plan! You have someone to blame!

Once a colleague of mine (Sri Lankan) was asked to check on a task which was delegated to him. In the 21st century, the first thing you do when you have to do something is Google right? Well the Chinese proved it wrong! Turns out the task was wrong, based on Google (I am sorry guys, I can’t elaborate more than this due to legal ramifications)

The first thing the Chinese said was “Even if you heard it or saw it somewhere, until you see it practically with your own eyes, its not true!”

5. Your home country should come first

Have you ever heard a Chinese ever saying something bad about their country? Even in the arena of politics? Chinese speak in their native language anywhere which is possible, which is very fascinating. When countries are adhering to western cultures and languages, they are very thorough in speaking their own language!

Chinese are very casual about their foods too!. You’ll find yourself taking your water hot and your chicken cold if you ever dine with them! Even if you’re eating cow’s stomach or embracing tuna eyes, once you sit with them to eat, you should eat!

While the Chinese are busy bees with getting things done, there is a lot that we can learn from them!

What are things you learned about Chinese people if you ever got a chance to work with them? I hope this was insightful for you to get an idea on how Chinese people are! Let me know you’re thoughts!

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